How to fix ObamaCare.

Or as we see from the President’s speech or 14 November 2013, the ‘Affordable Care Act’.

Its official, ACA is a bastard. Its father has renounced parentage. By what appears to be a total of 14 renouncements in one speech.

But can it be saved?

Geez, after screwing away $650 million dollars, you almost want to salvage something.

My disputably illustrious career in technology gave me some curious insights into the world of Websites. Especially in regards to the negative term; Vaporware. There isn’t anyone who sat in on an elevator pitch, a Venture Capitalist appeal, or Sales presentation in the technology field that hasn’t had to listen to some huckster pitching a product that could be yours, if only you’d sign a sizeable check.  Many of those checks were cashed, and the money spent, without a product ever reaching the fabled Rollout.

How many of you can say you were the huckster?

My hand went up as a matter of fairness. Why yes, I sold a few products that weren’t even sketched out on a cocktail napkin. I also never failed to deliver. My name is more important to me than money. It’s why I write under a Nom de Plume.

There will always be an intrinsic value in the lines of code. Someone will parse this, or that, and maybe work out how or why this Rollout will join the others in the pantheon of Miserable Rollouts. All the code monkeys will have well fleshed out code libraries, which they will be able to use until there use has expired. That is usually about six (6) months.

Six (6) months. Want me to build a national healthcare exchange? All I need is about $6 million dollars, the taxonomy of the Federal databases, a crew of 20 coders, and 12 support staff. And six (6) months.

Having born the title of; Nerd Herder, I understand what is involved in enterprise level software development. I t doesn’t happen overnight, and you will never, ever, fix a piece of dicked up software. Trust me, I remember PC Tools v7.

So, what is the easiest thing to do? What will save the day? What will serve the less advantaged of our society?

Charge for Medicaid,

This will cut out the middlemen, Medicare can still be given away to those that can’t afford any cost, and will be easy to implement. The very fact that they managed to sign up about 400,000 shows that there is a need for this. It is easier than opening up all State, and Federal Clinics to the public, and because of market economy, may be the answer to what ails Medicaid, to many sick and needy people are on it, but none of them pay.

Get some cash flowing into the system, it has a place in our society, and Medicaid needs to be saved.

To everyone that voted, Thank you.

Voting is nearly sacred to me.

14,000,000 people couldn’t bother to get to the polls this year. But in a way, they made their decision.

I may not be happy with the outcome, and I will continue to criticize, as is the way of my people.

To Mr. Reince, lather and repeat, Priebus. Well, you did your job. As I complained earlier this year, playing it safe is to play to lose. You felt that the safe road was the best, this is the outcome.

I do understand your trepidation to extend your neck for Mr. Romney’s sake.

To Mr. Romney.


I really can’t think of anything else to waste electrons on. You were a milquetoast governor, your presidency may not have been anything else.

I will thank you for having the decency to run a clean campaign against the rancour and vitriol tossed your way, and for waiting until the polls closed here on the west coast before conceding.

To Mr. Obama. With all due respect. You won, you did seem considerably more gracious than your previous victory, but I do remember that it took several weeks before the famous “I won” quips started to float upward, and you really didn’t ever take responsibility for the job you campaigned for.

Blaming Mr. Bush was, and is, all you will be known for.

I do fervently wish you good health, continued good luck, because Mr. Biden is the back up plan. If I hear of any credible threats to your person, I will forward them through the consulate in Benghazi, as I know you are now on top of that situation.

If a bullet is ever on its way to you, and I have the ability to step in front of it for you, I would. I would do that for any elected official, it is part of the oath I swore under Mr. Reagan.

Most importantly, it would be to prevent you from ever being martyred.

Because, after this term is up, I want you to go home, and fade from sight. The stench of your career will linger for some time, I just want it to be viewed in the proper perspective.


Please Vote

Please Vote

No matter which party you choose, please vote.

There is no other power, short of exercising our Second Amendment rights, to change the course of governance.

I don’t advocate violence. I understand that conflict creates as many ills, as it is supposed to cure. But voting is the way to say that you care.

If you want, vote, then print out the picture from above, and tape it to your forehead.

Please Vote.

Good Bush economy attacked, bad Obama economy ignored by media

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